We don't usually slather on red lipstick before an interview, but in the case of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Elizabeth Arden's spokeswoman of eight years, well, we thought it appropriate.

Zeta-Jones, 40, is helping Arden celebrate its 100th anniversary (a huge milestone in the beauty biz) with a whirlwind media tour.  

To honor the occasion, the company has produced a new, limited edition shade of red lipstick, “Red Door Red,”  (very nice by the way, sheerish, moist, not garish and natch she’s wearing it) named after the iconic red door that greets visitors at Arden stores. 
“Women get scared of red lipstick, but this is not cakey or the ‘Joker ‘lip thing.  It’s really like an 8-hour lip treatment,” she says, pitching artfully.

As for her role with Arden, Zeta-Jones says, “I’m not just a talking head.  I’m a shareholder in the company and have a close relationship.  I’m involved with the products, perfumes and creative.   And I feel very proud.  Elizabeth Arden was a pioneer for women, a visionary, and to be beautiful is a woman’s birthright,”

Oh but come on, lady, some girls are more blessed than others in the beauty department – and you’re one of them.  “I’m glad that people actually think I look good, because a lot of the time I am winging it,” she says.

That said, she adds, “I am such a girl! And I do like getting done up.”  (She also enjoys the attentions of a top glam squad).  In the makeup must category, always find Arden’s Smoky Eyes powder pencil, Pure Finish mineral bronzing powder and of course, red lipstick in her makeup bag.

 But there are lots of average gal moments says Zeta-Jones.  “I prefer to watch the Oscars in my pjs sitting on my couch.  And if I am dressed up, my kids (Carys, 6, and Dylan, 9) say, “Mommy are you working today?” 

She is.  Catch her on Broadway in the revival of the Stephen Sondheim musical,  “A Little Night Music.”   Zeta-Jones loves this gig.  “It’s an actor’s dream if you have it in your blood,” (she does, she says), it’s the joy of being on stage, the joy of standing at the stage door,” (she happily greets and signs autographs).  This is my life and you never lose that.”

Busy, busy, it’s on to the next interview for Zeta-Jones, and we’re left only with a smile on our very red lips. 

Want some Catherine Zeta-Jones Elizabeth Arden limited edition anniversary “Red Door Red,” for yourself?  It’s $20 at ElizabethArden.com and makeup counters.  And there’s an added benny to buying it.  All the proceeds of sales of the shade with go to the “Look Good…Feel Better,” program that helps individuals with cancer.   Another thing to smile about!

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