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Claire hair: How to get Robin Wright's 'House of Cards' hairstyle

Will first lady Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) help

Will first lady Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) help her beloved, now estranged Iago, Frank Underwood, win the election? The fourth season "House of Cards" promo is here. Credit: Netflix

Haircut and color of the moment might just be “Claire hair,” inspired by that gorgeous, icy villainess Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright on the Netflix hit, “House of Cards.” Two-toned, with a lighter top and dark underside (mirroring the character herself), the boyish cut “is definitely becoming increasingly popular,” says Jamie Mazzei, the creative director of nuBest Salon and Spa in Manhasset, where he’s been doing a couple of Claire-cuts a week.

On Tuesday, Lisa Hiller, 51, of Roslyn, was ready to go Claire. The exercise physiologist, swim and strength coach said, “I think Claire’s so smart and cool and I just love her look. I watched the series and I would stalk her haircut, looking at it from every angle.” But it took Hiller a while to get Claire-ready -- she had to grow her extremely short ‘do out, and had been working on it since September. She said she wasn’t a bit afraid of the change in style nor the blonding of her dark, chestnut hair. Almost three decades ago Hiller made a similar move, cutting and dying her hair to mimic Madonna’s short platinum style at the time, and guess who did it? Mazzei.

First up, a cut, “close cropped to the head in the back, piecey bangs with a lot of texture on top, “Mazzei said. After that, a two-step coloring process, by nuBest color director Christian Fleres. “We have softened up the base and highlighted with a honey blond,” he said. It takes time to get Claire hair … more than three hours.

Hiller was thrilled with the results -- these amped up by a light touch of peachy, Claire-like make up applied by Anna Naso, one of the salon’s makeup artists. “Is it weird that I don’t feel any nervousness about having blonde hair?” asked Hiller. “I love it,” and she joked, “I’m already feeling a bit meaner … just like Claire.”

Lisa Hiller, 51, of Roslyn, before and after her haircut.

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