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Enjoy massage therapy at home or on the go with this half-off percussion massager

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Anxiety has reached alarming highs for many while dealing with the uncertainties of 2021, making self-care increasingly important. Considering the circumstances, at-home solutions remain a smart investment, and the Actigun 2.0 Percussion Massager is one that will make a positive impact on users — mentally and physically.

Typically priced at $299.99, this device is currently available for only $127.95, thanks to a 57% discount. That limited-time savings makes it a perfect way to pamper yourself or to consider it as a thoughtful gift idea.

Equipped with an AI smart chip and 20 variable speeds, Actigun adjusts to your muscle condition in order to create the exact percussive strength required for a particular situation. This intuitive product is said to increase your range of motion, relieve pain, expedite recovery and promote healthy circulation.

Its reactive approach is further enhanced by an assortment of four different massage heads that suit needs ranging from large muscle groups and far-ranging strains to tiny targeted areas and joint injuries. Actigun provides 1,800- to 4,200 percussions per minute, so you can adjust accordingly and get the treatment you require.

This wireless product operates quietly and remains fully functional for up to four hours on a single charge. Plus, an ergonomic handle eliminates any additional discomfort while finding the spot.

Actigun is easy to travel with, so don't worry about leaving it behind when you're heading off for family trips or business endeavors — each of which can feature heightened stresses or uncomfortable seating options that can leave you feeling tangled. Address those issues while on the go. This may just be the most versatile percussion massage device ever made.

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