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Save $20 on this all-in-one audio studio that's the size of a matchbox

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The combination of popular social media platforms and evolving technology create an ability to communicate, entertain and inform a global audience at any time. The entire world is at your fingertips, so it's important to make sure you have the right channel for whenever a perfect moment strikes.

AudioWow is changing the game when it comes to that element, as it supplies a wireless audio studio at a matchbox size that connects with your mobile phone. Also equipped to work with DSLR devices, GoPro variations and computers, it's an ideal complement to gadgets and provides the complete package to capture or present whatever message is important to you.

Better yet, a limited-time deal slashes $20 off the final price, dropping that cost to only $159. Designed for creators on the go, this versatile, Kickstarter-funded innovation is a multi-functional ultra-compact microphone that can also act as a recorder for musical performances, speeches, phone calls and more.

Equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, it transmits multi-channel audio with a range of 15 meters while conveniently synchronizing audio and video in real time. It's helpful editing features include a voice changer, remixer, noise-reduction and speech-recognition.

AI-powered transcribing further enhances its value, as you can gain instant speech-to-text results from interviews, lectures or detail-oriented discussions. A 2021 Consumer Technology Association Innovation Award winner, AudioWow also sets you up for content creation by working through third-party apps such as Facebook Live, TikTok, Snapchat and others.

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