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Pay less than $50 for three-month Boost Mobile plan with unlimited talk and text

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It has become increasingly important to stay connected with family, friends, employers and educators remotely, but that process requires the right technology. While sorting through phone bills and payment plans that provide access to everything needed, costs can pile up in a hurry and present obstacles toward delivering the daily lifestyle you desire.

Now, you can solve that problem by claiming your piece of America's largest 5G network for a reduced price. For a limited time, Boost Mobile is offering a three-month prepaid phone plan featuring 5GB of data and unlimited talk and text for only $45 — essentially slashing the standard price ($89) in half.

That savings supplies users with the entire Boost Mobile bundle without forcing anyone into a long-term financial decision. There are no annual service contracts, monthly bills, roaming charges, overage fees or credit checks involved, and you can keep your phone number.

Boost Mobile steps up the value of a wireless carrier, providing all the conversations and messaging you require with high-speed data and 99% nationwide coverage. A free three-in-one SIM kit includes mini, micro and nano adaptors, while shipping is another cost that Boost Mobile covers.

All plans include a mobile hotspot, which can keep your other devices connected to the fast-moving network, and offer functionality for communicating with anyone at any time. It's a great resource in an on-the-go world, and everything is paid for, upfront, with that initial $45 fee.

Following the duration of your three-month bundle, users can elect to continue on that same 5GB plan or choose a new approach that works best. There are no hidden fees along the way.

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