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With rapid career growth in IT, now is the time to boost your knowledge

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If you have followed the labor market over the last 20 years, you would know that computer science and information technology jobs are always in demand. Why do these fields continue to grow? Well, the absolute dependence of businesses on computers for their daily operation correlates directly with dependence on the skilled technicians that ensure those computers continue to operate. For this reason, a career in information technology can be both intellectually and financially rewarding.

Learning the wide array of skills necessary to work in information technology can be daunting. An IT professional has to be well-versed in the construction and maintenance of the computing force of their company.

Fortunately, iCollege offers The 2021 Complete CompTIA Certification Prep Super Bundle to prepare anyone for a CompTIA certification. This package includes 16 courses totaling hundreds of hours of expert-led instruction. Users are immersed in an e-learning environment that covers everything from IT basics, Networks, Cloud, Security, and more.

The Complete CompTIA Certification Prep Super Bundle offers users a broad understanding of all of the skills essential to working as an IT pro. Though the bundle is not exclusively for those new to information technology or looking to start a career. The comprehensive nature of the course material and the lifetime membership make it an effective tool to maintain the working knowledge of IT professionals.

Each course in this bundle is typically offered to be purchased separately, which would cost $4,400 total. But for a limited time, you can purchase lifetime access to all 16 courses for only $69, a savings of 98%.

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