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Conquer tax season with incredible savings on these financial accounting courses

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Learn how to do taxes like a pro and boost your financial literacy with lifetime access to eight enlightening courses from CPA Robert Steele. The Ultimate Financial Accounting and CPA Certification Training Bundle normally costs nearly $1,600, but is currently available for a limited time for only $34.99, thanks to a 97% price reduction.

That discount makes this decision an easy one, as you will add long-lasting value to your approach with finances and reap monetary benefits for years to come based on such a small initial investment. Equipped with more than 140 total lessons, each course alone is worth $200 and will contribute toward an empowering education — just in time for the latest tax season.

Calculate payroll tax withholding and prepare accordingly for dealing with federal tax income, Social Security and Medicare. Construct an accounting system where you can record every financial transaction and ensure a budget is balanced.

Learn how to handle inventory, create financial statements, income statements, record debits and credits, and perform fundamental Excel operations that provide shortcuts toward solutions. Understand straight-line and double-declining methods of calculating depreciation, and record capital and revenue expenditures.

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