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Enhance your daily activities and get in shape with a discounted Fitbit Ionic GPS Fitness Smartwatch

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The combination of coronavirus concerns and winter weather have left millions of Americans looking for ways to stay physically fit while dealing with unprecedented circumstances. As you've surely learned by now, gym closures continue to reduce options and continued encouragement to stay at home doesn't help motivate calorie-burning moves.

According to a recent Harvard Medical School report, designing an exercise plan and tracking your progress remain important developmental tools in your wellness journey, even in a revised setting. The Fitbit Ionic GPS Fitness Smartwatch is an easy-to-use device that allows you to do just that without much fuss and, for a limited time, at a discounted cost.

Available for $179.99 (regularly $249), it gives you guidance every day with wearable health insights and navigation that is handy on walks, runs or bike rides. With multi-sport functionality and traditional all-day activity tracking, it also comes in color combinations of charcoal/gray and blue gray/silver gray to serve up whichever style you're searching for.

A sophisticated array of sensors, including an optical heart rate monitor, built-in GPS, three-axis accelerometer, and altimeter provide you with the most accurate health data possible. From precise pace and distance measurements, continuous automatic wrist-based heart rate data and post-workout summaries, this water-resistant smartwatch is the ultimate resource for building the fittest version of yourself.

Plus, its abilities go beyond workouts. This sleek-looking timepiece also allows you to access calls, texts, notifications and daily calendar alerts, or to use your credit and debit cards anywhere with the integrated NFC chip.

Prices subject to change.

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