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This robot vacuum can help with your spring cleaning

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The start of spring is perfect for building new habits. For some of us, that may include picking up a new hobby in music or chess, but others may look to tidying. What's a better tool for that than a vacuum?

The Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuum from ZHENBAO is 69% off for only $39.95. This vacuum does not work on carpeted floors, but it can help clean up smooth surfaces. These types of vacuums are perfect for those of us with wide open spaces, pets or messy children, and spare us of the extra labor that goes into vacuuming manually.

This floor cleaning robot vacuum is also built thin — 2.44 inches — so it should be able to clean beneath tables, couches and hard-to-reach places. The vacuum comes with several features, including anti-drop and auto-recharge capabilities. It also has an anti-collision feature so that the vacuum doesn't hit and scuff any of your furniture.

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