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Straighten or style your hair with major savings on this slim flat iron

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Spending more time at home is no excuse for letting your sense of style slip. Take a closer look at the members of your next virtual meeting; it's not hard to notice that some are struggling to keep things together the longer this situation goes on. Believe it or not, hair quality can be a big indicator.

Some simple preparation is all it takes to look your best — on the computer screen or in public — when using the Hair Rage 1-inch Slim Flat Iron. Available at an 83% discount for only $33.99 (regularly $199), this beauty solution also comes in varieties of lavender, blush pink and silver.

Straighten, curl or flip your hair in no time with this flat iron's titanium plates and quick-heating technology. Hair Rage proves that having beautiful-looking hair doesn't have to require a lengthy, frustrating process. Ditch hour-long preparations with this versatile device.

Don't be fooled by its small stature — this iron packs plenty of power with titanium plates that are the most durable material used in such a product. This configuration goes a long way toward keeping hair silky and smooth.

With rapid heating, you can go from wake-up to work-ready in no time, suiting any busy lifestyle. Plus, its thin design and durability makes it extremely portable, convenient for any travel plans you may have coming up.

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