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Master the art of comic book creation with super savings on this four-course bundle

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Art and its creation come in many unique forms. Comic books are a proven versatile outlet that can impact an audience interested in everything from political satire to mutant superheroes. Whimsical and timeless, these works have revealed special talents during the last several decades.

For those who feel they have that talent inside them, this Learn to Draw Comic Book Characters Bundle is the solution to take your process to another level, supplying lifetime access to a 33-hour guide for mastering the practice. Learn methods and techniques that will improve your skills and jolt previously unexplored portions of your imagination.

This experience supplies more than 180 lessons at a cost of only $19.99 (regularly $800) thanks to a 97% discount. This educational journey is a perfect fit for anyone looking to take a serious step forward in their career or hobby.

Learn techniques to systematically break down various parts of the body into simpler shapes and understand how to work them into one figure. Following along with a professional artist, gain insight into how the artwork and poses are created and how to create them yourself. Plus, discover how the ability to distort or caricature the head and facial features can result in all sorts of inventive concepts.

Tired of copying the same familiar characters you see in movies? Create something fresh for a new audience and draw superheroes step-by-step so you can invent your own characters and begin creating their stories. Grasp how to pencil, ink and color a fully detailed comic book scene from start to finish.

Fantasy art is on the rise, and you'll also gain experience in that department by drawing and painting various elements digitally, with creations including magical weapons, rock formations and a fully detailed character. An array of tricks and techniques await while using the compelling and affordable Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint program.

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