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Practice your favorite instrument anytime and anywhere with PocketGuitar

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When you feel passionate about learning how to play guitar, there simply aren't enough extra hours in the day to spend practicing with that instrument actually in your hand. Trips away from home or obligations at work and school can also keep you away from shredding your way toward becoming the next Hendrix.

Unleash your inner rock star, anytime and anywhere, with the PocketGuitar. Bluetooth enabled and AI-powered, this easily transportable tool allows you to add rhythm to your life on a daily basis while building up your basic understanding of necessary fundamentals.

Pocket-sized, this device enables users to learn, practice and play without being saddled by a heavy instrument. Normally priced at $40, a 12% discount currently drops that cost to only $34.95.

Explore everything this portable package serves up with its connection to the AeroBand app. Take a step forward in your learning process by sharpening up with this on-the-go solution.

The Pocket Guitar also acts as foot sensors, too, producing a fun drumming experience that results in realistic sounds and low latency. With this two-in-one device, you'll be building your own imaginative music in no time.

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