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This DIY massager relieves muscles with ease, and it's currently 25% off

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Muscle pain doesn't wait for you to schedule a session with a masseuse.

With the portable and practical Kitta Percussive Massager, currently on sale for $149.99 (25% off), give yourself a deep, penetrating massage and easily eradicate muscle pain.

The massager comes with six strength levels, allowing you to tailor the experience to your personal needs. Plus, the battery features up to 10 hours of usage.

Six interchangeable massage heads allow you to target specific muscle groups, and all of them are easy to disconnect and reconnect on the go. They include a round head (anywhere on the body, including arms, back and hips), flat head (for large areas such as back, thighs and calves), fork head (for thin areas such as the neck and spine), wedge head (for muscle-bone boundaries), bullet head (for deep muscle tissue) and double head (for full body gentle massage).

The Kitta has an average 4.1/5-star review on Amazon, and is the perfect fit regardless of your hobby. Whether you're a rock climber, a weight-lifter, a long-distance runner or something else, the Kitta has a setting and the capability to help you heal and get back to your regular routine.

It's lightweight, compact, and comes with a charging adapter and travel case so you can take it on long trips, to the gym or anywhere else you want to use it.

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