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Solve your seasonal allergy issues with this low-priced air purifier

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Society has never been more concerned about the air quality, and due to these ongoing challenges, it's vital to feel secure in your surroundings. Don't leave things up to chance — take advantage of a limited-time offer on the Sensibo Pure Smart Air Purifier.

Normally priced at $149, current 14%-savings drop that deal down to $127.99. HEPA and carbon filters combine with smart sensing technology to keep air free of harmful particles, including viruses, bacteria, dust, smoke, pet dander and pollen, along with eliminating nasty odors.

This is the only air purifier powered by Pure Boost, which serves up smart-sensing technology to ensure consistent quality. The tool measures your indoor air quality 24/7, enabling you to purify your home, room-by-room, or take it into your office or car.

Take the air purifier to turbo mode for stronger filtration. The Sensibo app lets you monitor surrounding air quality whenever you want, even while on the go, so you'll be able to see if an adjustment makes sense.

Compatible with Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa, the device is delivered alongside a power adapter to ensure simple and quick charging when needed.

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