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Brighten your smile with 30% off this safe teeth whitener system

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With only one set of adult teeth to work with, you want them looking their best for years to come.

Discounted by 31% to only $99.95 (regularly $145), the Shyn Brighter Wireless LED Teeth Whitening System will brighten your smile without compromising the quality of long-term mouth care.

Equipped with 32 LED accelerator lights and whitening gel, this kit is effective without irritating enamel and gums. If you’re aiming to safely and dramatically whiten your teeth within the comfort of your own at home, this is the perfect plan to fulfill that desire.

What we consume — foods and beverages alike — have a direct impact on the appearance and performance of our teeth. That becomes increasingly true as we get older.

This whitening system features two unique treatment modes that begin to deliver results within 15 minutes. Choose from a powerful blue light mode that produces maximum whitening, or a special "dual color" red/blue mode that gently whitens teeth while soothing gums.

The gel is created with high-quality ingredients and free from hydrogen peroxide, so you don't have to worry about any surprising soreness during treatment. A removable waterproof mouthpiece insert features medical-grade silicone for maximum comfort, is easy to clean and also comes in a black variety.

Plus, wireless charging produces up to eight treatments per charge and makes this kit an ideal on-the-go option that can be brought into the office or on long-distance trips.

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