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Boost your home internet with this great deal on a Wi-Fi upgrade

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Developments in the last year have reinforced our need for consistent, reliable remote methods of communication and information-gathering. Whether it's educational courses, workplace meetings or social gatherings with family and friends, more of those experiences are occurring virtually from home.

This progression places our internet connection in the spotlight and challenges household Wi-Fi networks to cater to several people. Alleviate any lingering concerns about low-speed internet by upgrading to the Super Boost Wi-Fi Repeater.

Amplify your Wi-Fi signal anywhere at home by up to 300 Mbps with this gadget's 2.4 GHz bandwidth and remarkable 10-mile range. Super Boost normally sells for $69 but a limited-time 61% discount drops that cost to only $26.99.

Don't let its sleek and small design fool you — Super Boost packs plenty of power. It is proven to enhance wireless coverage across all WLAN networks, establishing improved transmission rates and supplying the reliability you require to get work done and stay entertained on a daily basis.

Super Boost uses the standard Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n technology to ensure steady service in areas that were previously unreachable or difficult to connect to the internet.

Designed with mobility and portability in mind, it is equipped with a standard plug that makes it ready-to-use wherever and whenever you need it. Plus, one-touch wireless security encryption keeps your network protected from outside threats.

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