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Help your family stay healthy with 30% off this odor and germ eliminator

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When you think of NASA technology, it's probably big-picture stuff such as long-distance space exploration, planetary data analysis or weather tracking. Let's simplify that outlook a bit with an at-home advancement assembled to make a notable impact on your daily health.

Inspired by NASA's use of photocatalyst technology in the International Space Station, VentiFresh Plus represents the next generation of germ and odor elimination. Now you can purify and freshen the air you breathe for a discounted cost.

This innovative device is available at 30% off, dropping the price to only $58.99 (regularly $84). Or, purchase a two-pack for $117.99 (regularly $168).

So, how exactly can technology used beyond our globe impact the environment of your living room? Put simply, the UV catalyst core inside the VentiFresh Plus decomposes odor through natural photosynthesis and produces clean air as a result.

Whether unpleasant odors and germs are caused by cat litter, dirty shoes, rotting food or mold, this tool will eliminate those scents and the nasty microbes that come with them. The VentiFresh Plus accomplishes that without much fuss, since it's only the size of a lemon. Portable and powerful, it's an excellent solution for problems that arise in your house, office or vehicle.

Funded on Indiegogo, this device is the simplest way to keep the air around you fresh and clean anytime, anywhere. It doesn't require a battery, and charging is easy to accomplish with a micro USB cable. Equipped with "quiet mode" and "turbo" settings, the VentiFresh Plus gives you options depending on your needs.

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