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Maximize stay-at-home time with this great deal on painting and drawing lessons

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Coronavirus has kept many of us cooped up in our homes for several months, and winter weather can further reinforce feelings of isolation. But these moments of solitude and family time also present opportunities for self-reflection, and in those instances you can discover new talents and passions.

Regardless of what you do professionally, personal hobbies are critical for maximizing potential. Unleash your artistic creativity, or help someone else maximize their imagination, with remarkable savings on The Ultimate Creative Arts Bundle.

Loaded with 18 hours of drawing and painting instruction, this six-course package provides useful insight for beginners, masters and everyone in between. Whether you're an artistic veteran or introducing children to new crafts, there are lessons ready to serve as your launch pad.

Typically, training like this would approach nearly $1,200, but a 97% discount makes it an incredibly valuable personal investment or versatile gift. Now a limited-time Valentine's Day deal cuts another 15% off the price using promo code VDAY2021, so the final cost is only $29.74.

Learn from top-rated instructors Colin Bradley and Joseph Patric Daniels on how to create refined oil paintings, along with the fundamentals of drawing and shading. Dive into watercolor creations with classes on techniques for amazing detail and realism.

Craft landscapes and portraits, and capture the images you've always had in mind, whether you plan to keep them on your own wall or share them with family and friends.

There has never been a better time to invest in yourself, to show someone what they have to offer or to take advantage of extended family time. This package is a perfect stay-at-home solution.

Prices subject to change.

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