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Keep your cat entertained with a great deal on this interactive toy

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Many of us have been spending more time than ever with our pets during the past year of stay-at-home lifestyles, and odds are, the cats have begun to get a bit bored of us. Rather than allowing your cat to sit there, staring and wondering when their human parent will put on dress pants again and get back to the office, give them something fun to focus on.

The Wicked Ball is way more interesting than endless Zoom calls, and it will keep your furry friend entertained for hours on end. Featuring three interactive modes and a snack reward system, this versatile automatic toy is available at the discounted cost of $42.95 (regularly $49).

A favorite on crowd-sourcing platforms, Indiegogo and Kickstarter, the Wicked Ball is designed to eliminate any lingering feelings of boredom during monotonous days and helps with any loneliness that may arise when you leave the house. It supplies kitties with the interaction they crave and the exercise they require.

There are a few modes to choose from, matching different activity levels, plus a built-in snack dispenser that serves up treats, offers up a prize for their efforts and keeps cats satisfied and coming back for more. Even the laziest felines won't be able to resist rolling around with the Wicked Ball, as it stimulates their nature of hunting and enthusiastic curiosity.

Durability is supported by its built-in collision sensor for automatic obstacle avoidance and a waterproof design that guards against biting and scratching. It maintains full functionality for up to eight hours on a single charge via USB.

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