A new pizzeria has opened on Long Island, but you can't visit it. Pizza Organics is delivery service only. The pies are baked in a commercial kitchen in Westbury, then dispatched all over Nassau County (and parts of Western Suffolk). Ordering is done through the company's website using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

We gave Pizza Organics a test drive last week and were impressed. The ordering interface was easy to navigate, and the pies showed up at a pal's Melville home, as promised, in less than an hour. And they were hot. Each was packed in a heavy-duty cardboard box, and the boxes were packed in an insulated carrier that plugged into an electrical outlet in the truck to keep it warm.

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Pizza Organics' pies come with either traditional or "thin & crispy" crusts. The thin & crispy classic cheese ($19.95) had a terrific, toothsome crust and was topped with a chunky, fresh-tasting tomato sauce and an ideal amount of mozzarella. We also ordered a traditional pie with sausage and mushroom ($26.95), also very good although a bit overloaded for my taste. A dessert pie, topped with chocolate-hazelnut spread and marshmallows ($24.95), was a hit with the teen at our table and was Instagramed instantly.

Pizza Organics charges $5 per order for delivery.

All the pies are rectangular, measuring 18 by 13 inches, which makes them about 8 percent smaller than traditional 18-inch round pies that usually sell for between $13 and $16.

Pizza Organics's principal, David Smith, touted his pies' high-quality ingredients -- organic flour, tomatoes and cheese, hormone-free meats. If eating organic is a priority, spending an few extra dollars on a pie will be money well spent.

For more information or to order, go to pizzaorganics.com or call 516-508-3540.