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Dix Hills' Sammy Prahalis: bringing style to the WNBA

Sammy Prahalis, from Dix Hills, is a guard

Sammy Prahalis, from Dix Hills, is a guard for the Phoenix Mercury and will be featured in American Eagle's Fall 2012 campaign. Credit: Handout

This fall, American Eagle's back to school “Live Your Life” campaign will feature 15 young people with unique styles and careers, ranging from artists and musicians to a surfer and a professional basketball player, each wearing the brand's jeans in his or her own way.

Sammy Prahalis, 22, a Commack High School and Ohio State University graduate who grew up in Dix Hills, is a guard for the Phoenix Mercury in the Women's National Basketball Association. Though basketball is her focus, Prahalis is enjoying teaming up with American Eagle to spend time with her other love . . . fashion.

“A lot of people believe that you can't be into both sports and fashion, because women who play sports are often thought to be masculine,” says Prahalis. “I choose not to respond to people who believe that. When people see me off the court -- whether I’m wearing skinny jeans or heels -- they understand on their own that athletes do have a fashion sense and can be girly at the same time.”

Prahalis, who describes her style as tough and edgy with a feminine twist, says time spent in Manhattan growing up influenced the way she dresses off the court. “My go-to outfit when I'm not playing basketball is usually black skinny jeans, a vintage T-shirt and some jewelry,” she says.

Prahalis wears the American Eagle straight jean throughout the campaign, which she says is versatile and stylish for when she's on the road. When she's home, she shops at rocker-chic Northport boutique Veronica Rayne and LF in Manhattan. The guard admits there are some fashion drawbacks to being an athlete, however.

“My biggest fashion-related issue on the court is my bangs, which always have to be tied to the side so they don't get in the way,” she says. “I always like to wear colorful sneakers on the court, and I always roll up my shorts to make them shorter. I feel like when they're too long, it slows me down when I dribble.”

Want your chance at being featured in American Eagle's Spring 2013 campaign? Submit a photo and answer questions about your personal style at starting July 23.

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