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Dressed-down glam for New Year's Eve

Trust us, throwing on a pair of jeans

Trust us, throwing on a pair of jeans or leggings for New Year's can definitely have maximum impact. Here are three showstoppers from Saks Fifth Avenue and at From left: AG Adriano Goldschmied navy sequin stretch leggings, $225, J Brand Marine midrise velvet legings $183 and Joe's Skinny glitter-coated jean $225. Yowsa! Credit: Handout

Gym shorts for New Year's Eve? A sweatshirt? Jeans?


The chicest gals know that glamour isn't necessarily formal, that you don't always need to be trussed up in some body-sucking dress, or tottering on sci-fi heels to celebrate the year's end with flash.

Whether you're one of the million or so freezing at the ball drop in Times Square (all the better for wearing something warm -- no?) or hanging around a TV with friends and family, there's a new, easy, dressed-down glam in town, just right for the occasion -- and beyond.

"You want to be comfortable but, oh, puh-lease don't wear a Snuggie for New Year's Eve," begs Phillip Bloch, the celebrity stylist. "And don't fall for the fancy fashion pressure of the night. Go for casual elegance instead by mixing evening with daywear and going a little off-kilter, but still a little sexy."

Get your quirky on, suggests Tom Mora, head of women's design at J.Crew. It's all about "tongue-in-cheek and mixing casual with dressy, boy with girl," he says. Consider an über-glam sequin ball skirt with a humble, cotton T-shirt, or a cozy sweatshirt with sparkle. Home revelers "don't want to be overdressed," says Mora. "The modern hostess can open the door wearing sequins, a casual buttondown shirt and go barefoot." Yes ... barefoot!

Colleen Sherin, Saks Fifth Avenue's senior fashion director, doesn't go quite so far, but says a sparkly top or sequined jeans are "sort of a contemporary way of dressing for the night."

And at O, the Oprah Magazine, creative director Adam Glassman says the new pared-down glam is one of his favorite things. "To me there's nothing more youthful and contemporary than the combo of day and night. ... It's the hipper, cooler way to go."

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