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Dressing down: The Less Dressed Awards

Hollywood red carpets mean glitz and glamour, diamonds and designers, tuxes and trains. . . .

Or not.

This awards show season, some of Hollywood's A list appear to have adapted a dress-down policy. Take Johnny Depp, who showed up for the People's Choice awards in ragged jeans that weren't even nice enough for Sunday brunch. (OK, so that's not the most formal of these events, but still, most of the men showed up in suits.)

At the Golden Globes, Tea Leoni (in a blue shirt/black skirt combo) and husband David Duchovny (in a somewhat rumpled black suit) seemed dressed more for the boardroom than the ballroom. Maybe they were auditioning for next season's "Celebrity Apprentice"?

At the Grammys - where fashion is often dramatic and over-the-top - Akon could do no better than dark pants, sneakers and a Lady Gaga tee shirt - not much better than the folks on the wrong side of the barricades. And at the SAG Awards, Meryl Streep came in a tropical print Balenciaga that really wanted to be on the beach.

Even at the biggie, Sunday night's Oscars, John Travolta showed up in jeans, which set bloggers' fingers flying.

So now that the red carpets are pretty much put to rest for the season, we offer our nominees for the 2010 Less Dressed Awards.


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