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Drybar comes to Long Island

Meet Dry Bar founder Alli Webb, 8 a.m.-noon

Meet Dry Bar founder Alli Webb, 8 a.m.-noon on May 30, at the grand opening of the salon's Roslyn Heights store. Credit: Dry Bar

It’s hard to hear yourself think in the bustle that is opening day at Drybar, where the buzz of happy patrons is almost as loud as the blast of multiple hair dryers.
True, the blow-out bar is nothing new on the Island, where a number of spots have opened over the past year. But Drybar pretty much started it all four years ago, when hairdresser Alli Webb decided to morph her L.A.-based mobile blowout business into a Brentwood salon where the choices were, well, basically, there were no choices.

No cuts, no color, just blow outs is Drybar’s founding principal, a business philosophy that’s worked pretty well for Webb, who did what amounted to a fly-by at the new Roslyn Heights location’s opening on Friday.

It’s Drybar’s 37th location, and there will be more -- maybe even another on the Island, where it turns out Webb was born. (She left Freeport as a young child for Florida before moving to California with her husband.)

Webb doesn’t fuss much about all the competitors springing up. “You know what they say about flattery,” she notes. She’s just out to make the experience in every Drybar one that women look forward to -- as she calls it, “a healthy addiction.”

Drybar is at 250 S. Service Rd., Roslyn Heights. You can book an appointment at

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