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Easy fixes for frequent fashion dilemmas

Sticky Shoes double-sided adhesive strips fit inside your

Sticky Shoes double-sided adhesive strips fit inside your shoes and prevent you from wobbling or slipping out of your stylish stilettos. Credit: Handout

See if you recognize this scenario: You're dressed, coiffed, ready to go -- save for the necklace. You're fiddling with it, hands behind your neck and . . . that clasp! It's always been a problem. You swing it round front but it's still awkward and now you're late.

Or maybe it's the shoes. Which your feet always slip out of.

Or the bra strap. Which always manages to peek out from under your blouse or dress.

Fashion problems abound. But there are solutions.

Christine Ko solved the bra issue three years ago by designing crystal jeweled straps that attach to her bra straps, turning blah bras into glam lingerie. After receiving countless compliments, she launched her line, called Kaiio, last summer. "There's no such thing as too much sparkle," says Ko.

Nikki Manns tackled a different problem -- that last bit of makeup stuck at the bottom of a tube. She came up with Nikki's Magic Wand, with a smooth, flexible tip to swipe concealer, lip gloss or mascara "just like a windshield wiper," notes Manns. She estimates that most women will now be able to use the last 20 percent of makeup they'd otherwise toss out. Given the price of cosmetics, that makes for a hefty savings.

"We all want to save a dollar when we can," she says, "but we want to look like a million bucks while doing it."

We've gathered the latest solutions to some age-old wardrobe and beauty woes. Getting dressed just got easier.

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