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Fashion fixes: Tricks bring it all together

We've all been there. You're looking good. Outfit's in style. Except ...

The pants ride too low. The T-shirt, too high. Necklines plunge. Pockets pucker. Blouses gap. Underwear bunches and ruins the line. Or that pant leg keeps slipping under your heel and no matter how you shake your foot, you can't get the pant to fall straight!

Sometimes an outfit needs a little help.

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Enter Holly Xerri, a wife, mom and entrepreneur in Oceanside who dreamed up CamiBands. As a layering accessory, these simple bands of stretch lace switch from outfit to outfit, covering cleavage (when worn under low-cut tops), midriffs (when worn at the waist with low-rise pants), or bikini bottoms (for a great poolside look).

And at the end of the day? "My best girlfriend's husband loved it when she wore it as sexy lingerie," Xerri recalls.

After checking out CamiBands, we got to thinking: What other ? We found a bunch. Invest in a few, and you're sure to extend simple fixes can smooth out an outfit's bumps and foibles the life of your wardrobe - or revive those clothes you've totally given up on.

Alexa Xerri, daughter of CamiBand creator Holly Xerri, wears it with cropped tees and low-rise pants; $26.99 (three for $69.99, five for $99.95) at

No more baggy knees or shoving jeans back inside boots, thanks to detachable pant stirrups from Stiruppz; $25, at Ricky's in Huntington, and

From new hair-care company Macadamia Natural: Oil, a comb infused with macadamia oil, perfect for travel or touch-ups; $12, at Ulta stores, Christopher Jon Salon in Sayville, and

Brazilian shapewear line Plié uses seam-free construction and graduated compression to provide strategic, invisible support for undergarments like the Control Body Tube, $50 (for instant hourglass effect); at

Get a helping hand for frizzed-out curls with DevaCurl's DevaFuser kit, $34.95, a unique diffuser that, unlike standard models, slips under curls and dries hair fast; at Ulta stores and

RB Designs' On the Cuff wrist guards, $7.99 a pair, worn when washing your face, dishes or the car to stop water from soaking clothes; at

>> PHOTOS: Simple fixes to help you look great.

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