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Fiorello Dolce

57 Wall St Huntington , NY 631-424-0803

Fiorello Dolce in Huntington is one of the

Fiorello Dolce in Huntington is one of the five places writer Erica Marcus suggests as worth the detour for a sweet treat, here, for the croissants. But the shop has other offerings as well, such as these mini pastries. (Feb. 23, 2011) Credit: Newsday/Rebecca Cooney


Bakery-pastry shop, Sweets


Since Gerard Fioravanti set up shop in Huntington Village, Fiorello Dolce, has become one of the Island's most dependable suppliers of exemplary confections. Year-round favorites include the Paris-worthy croissants and brioches (try the new brioche-based "baked-not-fried" doughnuts filled with various combinations of jam, chocolate and custard), elegant cakes, tortes, tarts and pies in regular and individual sizes.

For Christmas, Fioravanti is offering classic bûches de Noël, the traditional French yule logs made from rolled-up spongecake and then frosted to look like they are covered with bark. The bûches come in chocolate (brown), vanilla (white) and Grand Marnier (for some reason, pink), and in three sizes - large, small and individual - which Fioravanti somewhat abashedly likens to a Drake's Yodel.

Also available for the holiday season are croquembouches (towers formed of little creampuffs and sugar), white-chocolate-pomegranate mousse cakes, meringue snowmen and "sleighfuls" of cookies.


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