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Flat shoes for summer fashion

Modern Vice founder, and Oyster Bay native, Jordan

Modern Vice founder, and Oyster Bay native, Jordan Adoni reinvents the ballet flat with a selection of decoration, like these Cocktail Heart flats; $249 at Credit: Modern Vice

The world — in terms of hot spring and summer footwear, at least — is flat.

Sure, sky-high spike heels abound — they’ll never go away completely. But what’s noteworthy is this year’s varied crop of low riders — from Mary Janes and low-heeled Western boots to so-ugly-they’re-cool rubber slides and clunky 1990s trainers (fans call ‘em “Dad sneakers”).

“We see our clients basing their selections around the comfort factor more than ever now,” says Amanda Astor, vice president of stores for The Shoe Box. To meet the demand, she says, the chain is offering a “sexy and fashion-forward assortment.”

And therein lies the question. Flats are comfy, sure, but sexy? That’s a question the queen of killer heels herself, Carrie Bradshaw, never asked in any episode of “Sex and the City.” Can flat shoes be sexy?

Absolutely, says Oyster Bay native Jordan Adoni, whose Modern Vice line of shoes focuses almost entirely on flats and low-heeled footwear. “Flats are truly in high demand,” he says. “Our shapes in particular are designed with a beautiful, perfect point that adds instant flair to our customer’s style.”

Celebs seem to agree. Like “Wonder Woman’s” Gal Gadot, who made headlines last year striding down various red carpets in flats (like those $50 Aldo gold sandals worn with a sparkly red gown at the “Wonder Woman” premiere in Los Angeles). Or Gigi Hadid (at last year’s CFDA Awards). Or Emma Watson (at this year’s Golden Globes). Alexa Chung, Susan Sarandon — both longtime ground-huggers. Even Beyoncé admitted to People magazine that she’d become a flats convert after the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy: “I’d always thought, ‘The higher the heel, the sexier.’ But now I’m like, ‘These are really sexy.’ ”

All those steps carrying a baby can change the feelings (and footwear) of even the most intransigent stiletto lover. Because really, when it gets down to it, sexy is a state of mind. If you’re feeling confident (and not wincing in pain), odds are you’ll put your best foot forward.

To help you out with that, we’ve gathered a selection of fun, flirty flats that remind us — no matter how high and mighty we may get — that it’s good to stay grounded.


When others go low, these women go high. Almost always, no matter the trend. Can you match the quote with the correct height-craver?

1. “I love heels, I’m telling you. When I walk in flats, I get knee pain.” (Redbook, 2011)

2. “I only wear heels. My calves are actually abnormally tight (and I’m) flat-footed and very relaxed in a 6-inch heel.” (Popsugar, 2016)

3. “I just can’t concentrate in flats.” (People, 2008)

4. “I don’t wear my heels in the shower … (as was rumored) but I do wear high heels in the house -- otherwise I can’t reach the cabinets!” (The Guardian, 2011)

5. “I never, ever wear flats. Every time I wear them I fall over!” (i-D, 2008)

A. Victoria Beckham

B. Dolly Parton

C. Sofia Vergara

D. Donatella Versace

E. Chrissy Teigen

Answers: 1-C, 2-E, 3-A, 4-B, 5-D

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