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Flip flops with a Long Island accent and a bacteria-fighting design

"Showaflops" feature an innovate shaped drainage system and

"Showaflops" feature an innovate shaped drainage system and an antimicrobial layer to helps prevent odor and bacterial build-up. Credit: handout art

The topic of feet and fungus is less than pleasant, but since many of us are dealing with sending our kids off to less than pristine communal showers at camp and college, or are, ourselves hanging around pools and gyms that fall into the same category, it’s the right time to consider these sassy flip flops with a Long Island accent: “Showaflops.“

The cushy, comfy flip flops feature innovative drainage holes in cute, fun shapes like stars, smiley faces, skulls and hearts to help keep moisture moving away. The flops also have a built-in antimicrobial layer that aids in preventing odor and bacterial build-up.

The product was created by husband and wife team Hal and Evelyn Bernfeld of Port Washington.  Says Evelyn, who calls herself the 'president of flop operations,' "We named it 'showa' because we're from Long Island and that's very Long Island. It's our shtick."

The colorful flip flops, which come in adult and kid sizes have slip-resistant soles – much safer for wet surfaces. Showaflops retail for $18 - $22 and are available at Lester's, Neil's, Incredible Feets and

Bottom line? Clean freaks with Long Island accents will be thrilled with Showaflops um, “powa” to stave off the germs.

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