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Fourth of July nail art: Two easy DIY looks

Fourth of July nail art from DIY Nail

Fourth of July nail art from DIY Nail Ary by Catherine Rodgers. Credit: Catherine Rodgers

Show off your pride this Fourth of July with a patriotic manicure. In four simple steps, you can complete this flag inspired nail art design.  

For this summer holiday look from Catherine Rodgers' DIY Nail Art book, you’ll need, of course, three polishes in the shades of red, white and blue. For an extra touch of sparkle, you’ll need a silver glitter polish.

Step 1: Begin by painting each nail red, except your ring finger, which will be polished blue.  

Step 2: After you’ve let the red and blue polish set, take a thin nail brush and dip it into your white polish. With the thin brush, paint stripes of white vertically down each red polished nail.

Step 3: To help create the look of sparkling stars, apply silver glitter polish over your blue painted nail.

Step 4: Keep your patriotic nail design looking fresh with a quick application of a clear top coat.

If you're feeling daring, try this festive design from

Step 1: Paint nails with a coat of red and let dry.

Step 2: Take a thin nail brush and make vertical white stripes on every nail.

Step 3: After letting the red and white polish dry, apply star stickers to your nails wherever you'd like. 

Step 4: Paint a coat of blue polish over your entire nail, including the stickers.

Step 5: Let dry, and then remove the stickers to reveal your stars and stripes.

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