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Frozen Sin food truck sells ice cream sandwiches, doughnuts

Erica Belk, right, and Stephanie Lauria are partners

Erica Belk, right, and Stephanie Lauria are partners in the Frozen Sin food truck, which specializes in ice cream sandwiches and doughnuts, Aug. 28, 2015. Credit: Newsday / Erica Marcus

It's a cute idea, making ice cream sandwiches and selling them out of a truck. But Frozen Sin's wares are much more than cute.

Erica Belk, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and a former baker at Reinwald's in Huntington, has serious pastry chops. She makes ice cream from scratch and sandwiches it between two homemade wafers, four inches square and almost two inches thick. Each sells for $7; halves are $4.

Belk's partner is Stephanie Lauria. A graduate student in developmental disability, Lauria has discovered her inner pastry chef in the months that the pair has been working on the truck.

Frozen Sin's ice cream flavors include vanilla-blueberry cobbler, mint made with fresh mint leaves, chocolate studded with malt balls. Most of the sandwiches are made with brownie wafers or snickerdoodle-cookie wafers, but the very popular cookie-dough sandwich features pure vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two frozen slabs of actual (eggless) cookie dough.

Belk and Lauria know that appetites for ice cream wane as the weather cools down. That's why they also make doughnuts on the truck. They can be dipped in flavored sugar, or glazed with chocolate or salted caramel. The s'mores doughnut ($5) is glazed with chocolate, dipped into graham cracker crumbs then topped with mini-marshmallows and given a final brûlée with a kitchen torch.

Frozen Sin can be found on Saturdays at the Seaford farmers market, on Sundays at the Rockville Centre market. Other appearances are posted on the truck's Facebook page. Belk and Lauria also cater parties and events.

Frozen Sin food truck

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