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Get tan legs now with Donna Karan's 'The Bronze Collection'

Donna Karan's new

Donna Karan's new "The Bronze Collection" hosiery is a quick and natural looking fix for winter white legs. Credit: Donna Karan Hosiery

It’s June already and you haven’t the time or inclination to start tanning -- real or faux -- those winter white legs of yours?  “The Bronze Collection” by Donna Karan, is the newest member of her popular “The Nudes” hosiery family.  Packaging promises to “illuminate the skin tone the way the sun does naturally,” and offers up the  “easiest, healthiest, most luxurious way to give your legs a sun-kissed glow.”

We tested the product on our own white wheels and … it delivers. Though we haven’t worn traditional pantyhose for years,  (black tights in the winter, self-tanner in the summer) these silky stockings are light enough to not scream, “I’m wearing hose,” yet imbued with enough color for legs to look natural and great. If there’s a downside, it is perhaps the slightly sparkly quality to the material, but overall the “Bronze Collection,” (there are four shades) is a good solution to pale legs.   They’re extremely comfortable and light and a gentle control top is an added benefit (at least to us). A fast fix for pasty legs. ($20 a pair at

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