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Spooky Halloween makeup, accessories for the costume-less reveler

Sephora is offering $50 Halloween makeup services for

Sephora is offering $50 Halloween makeup services for customers who want a bit of a spooky look. Watch as Joy Fearon, of Queens, gets her makeup done by Melissa Castellanos at Sephora in Manhasset. Credit: Corey Sipkin

Boo! As usual, ghosts, zombies and a coven of good and bad witches will emerge from the darkness on Halloween night. And, it’s not just the kids. Some grown-ups love getting into the act by going all out with elaborate costumes and makeup. But for others, “trick or treat” is anything but a treat. They’re uncomfortable with a major transformation, but want to playfully acknowledge Halloween in smaller, easier ways — more like with a wink and a nod.

Ann Corn, 61, of Glen Cove, who owns Shag New York, an upscale boutique in Roslyn, is not one of them (she’s a true reveler) but understands that some might like to celebrate in a more discreet way. “I get it. For a mom who doesn’t want to look like a nutjob, there are plenty of options for toning it down. Some people don’t want to be the center of attention. That’s why if you do one little thing, like a fun pair of leggings or a cute hat you can wear again, you can get into the spirit of the holiday in a very understated way.”

Corn, however, always dresses up for Halloween. “My kids cringe because I’m the mom who’s running around with blue hair or a Batgirl outfit. I like it because it takes you out of mundane dressing for everyday life. It allows you to play a role for a day of somebody you wouldn’t normally be.”

This year, Corn plans on going as a snow leopard in a graphic, cozy ski ensemble that she sells at the store, but offers other fun options for those who believe that on Halloween, less is more.

And, of course, there are plenty of other ways to salute the day in a subtle way. 

Sephora locations in Manhasset, Huntington and Bay Shore are offering $50 makeup services for customers looking to show off a bit of sparkle or spook. Reservations are required and can be made online at The process, which includes themed makeup application for face, eyes and lips, takes about one hour. Whether you leave looking like a vampire, flapper, mermaid or something else entirely is up to you. 

If cobweb eye shadow or glittery blush is still a bit too bold for your liking, consider toning it down with glue-on witchy eyelashes by Hyde & EEK! Boutique ($3 at Target stores) or press-on pumpkin- and mummy-themed nails by imPress ($7.99 at various drugstores).

Subtle wardrobe touches — like Baublebar's beaded cat earrings or Betsey Johnson's tombstone crossbody bag — can also help you get into the spirit, without the spotlight. 

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