Sure way to hike up some dismal TV-talk show ratings?  Have Heidi Klum as a guest wearing a micro-mini dress.  The "Project Runway" host, promoting her seventh season of the reality show which hits tonight at 10 PM on Lifetime, lit up the Jay Leno soon-to-be-darkened stage last night wearing a crazy short  (as in it could have been a shirt) beaded black Roberto Cavalli number,  Wolford black opaque tights (phew, much needed coverage --for the censors, that is), and super high YSL platform stilettos.

No question she’s a knockout – unbelievable at just three months after delivering her fourth child, Lou, but even she knew the dress was a tad short.  “This dress is way too long,” she joked, tugging on her frock to get some coverage though yards of leg (and perhaps a bit more) were in full view.  

But she’s not just gorgeous and sexy,  she’s a natural on TV who can even poke fun about herself.  Though Leno's not much of a fashionista, likely Heidi gave him something to smile about in these days of TV trouble.  And he seemed to love the dress…but, then, who wouldn’t?

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