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Hilfiger redefines the preppy woman

A model walks the runway at the Tommy

A model walks the runway at the Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2011 show during Fashion Week at Lincoln Center in New York, Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011. Credit: AP

There was an almost androgynous quality to Tommy Hilfiger's fall collection, with its strong focus on menswear-inspired women's wear.  The first three looks featured gray wool herringbone (in a traditional double-breasted suit, a "new-shape" sleeveless suit, and a double-breasted overcoat, each look softened with heringbone print silk blouses).

Outerwear must-haves include the gray three-quarter length leather vest, a shiny navy rubber trench and a plush knit poncho toggle-clasped in back.  Add to that a silk shirtwaist dress or two, a pair of navy and burgundy vertically striped tights, and those smart high-heeled loafers and you've got a new preppy look here, redefined.

Hilfiger, who collaborated with designer Peter Som on this line, says in his program notes that he hoped to capture "the nonchalant style of a 1970s rock star's girlfiriend.... Whether she's the subject of lyrics--or writing them herself--unstudied sexiness is her trademark."  Bianca Jagger, this one's for you.

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