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Honor roles: Nature vs. space-agey synthetics

Things got wild inside — and outside — the Honor fashion show at Eyebeam, an event space in Chelsea near the Hudson River.  Outside, a young British woman’s bag was stolen, along with her phone, and her chum used her own cellphone to call up the missing device…and chat up the thief, trying to coax him to return it, no questions asked.  And for cash.  Yes, she said — they’d pay him.


Inside, the ivy-strewn walls denoted a different kind of wildness, as did the foliage prints on a series of winsome dresses.  The leafy patterns and florals seemed drawn on and overgrown, like a wild garden. 

The looks were sometimes youthful and demure (a sweet collared blouse with garden print pencil skirt), sometimes more structured and regal (ruffle-necked blouses, or fuller-cut, empire-seam dresses that seemed inspired by VersaillesRegency era). 

But mixed in were these unusual, plastic-looking panels that sparkled on shoulders, front or down the back. 

“The show is about the mix of the natural world and the synthetic world,” says Honor designer Giovanna Randall.  “I was thinking a lot about the High Line.  It wasn’t really inspiration, but I love the way nature just overtook that structure, and how it’s now designed with that look, of wildflowers strewn across it.  And here we are, practically underneath it.  So it was just always on my mind.”

As for that stolen cell phone?  Well…we never did find out if the thief was cajoled into returning it.  We had to step inside to see the show.

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