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Jason Wu for Target an instant hit

Jason Wu for Target.

Jason Wu for Target. Credit: Handout

Bargain hunters were ready for their own kind of kickoff bright and early this Super Bowl Sunday, as they lined up outside of Target stores waiting to sack the racks for designer  Jason Wu's new collection for Target.

In Westbury, Target doors opened at 8 a.m., and less than five minutes later everything Wu had been snatched up except a few tops in sizes large and extra large.

Matilda Chavez, 24, said she was waiting in her car around 7:30 a.m. when people started getting on line outside the store.

Chavez, like many other shoppers, had her eye on a specific item before arriving. For her, it was the white belted dress with black tulle ($59.99).

"The prices are really, really good," she said. "I like it better than the Missoni stuff. I think it's better quality."

Though many came for the dresses, the handbags became an instant hit.

"The bags are really surprising. They're good quality, structured bags. I have three in my cart," Chavez said. "Everything looks like it really does in the pictures."

Desiree Baldes, 25, came for the navy blue, sailor striped dress. She wasn't able to snag it in her size, but she still left happy.

"I was surprised to see the white dress had sequins, and I really liked that," she said. "I got that, a skirt and a top. I had bought the Missoni stuff and had liked it, too, but I think this one was more my style."

The crisp, tailored collection ranged in price from $19.99 to $59.99 In addition to the dresses, there were trench coats, collar-tie blouses and pleated skirts. Fresh floral prints, lace and stripes stole the show in Wu's signature feminine silhouettes. Though it ran big, shoppers loved it so much they were willing to forego a perfect fit.

"I got everything I wanted -- not the right size, but there's nothing you can really do about that," said Darcie Derrico, 22, smiling beside her full shopping cart. "It was crazy here this morning, but I love everything. It's great quality and the bags are really nice."

Though 20-somethings dominated the crowd, mothers, grandmothers and tweens alike shuffled through the merchandise, lingering in hopes that something in their size would come back rejected from the dressing rooms.

The crowd was reasonably polite. Although there were some fast moves pulled and definitely a little shoving, security was on hand to keep  things orderly, and shoppers kept the atmosphere amicable by sharing pieces that didn't fit. is up and running, an improvement from high-end Italian brand Missoni's Target launch in September that crashed the site, but you won't find much there by now.

As for me, I made it into the end zone with three tops and zero bruises -- touchdown.

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