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Johnny Weir's wearisome fashion schedule

Figure skater Johnny Weir attends the Heart Truth's

Figure skater Johnny Weir attends the Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection 2011 during Mecerdes-Benz fashion week at The Theatre at Lincoln Center. (Feb. 9, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

Johnny Weir is busyyyy.  Seriously--that word needs at least four "y's" when applied to the guy who's been called the "Lady Gaga of skating."  He's got a new book ("Welcome to My World," Gallery, $26), song ("Dirty Love," on iTunes) and another season of his reality show ("Be Good Johnny Weir") in the works.  "But this week it's all about the fashion," he says.

If he's not IN a show (walking the runway for designers Asher Levine, Richie Rich, Indahio, Elise Overland and furrier Adrienne Landau), skating at one (Overland), or designing for another (he's created a small capsule collection for Landau), then he's sitting front row.  Like at Tadashi Shoji, which he attended Friday in a massive lynx coat ("I shot it myself," he quipped) and samurai ponytail ("a weave," he confirmed, flipping it round).  "I'm so glad to be here, " he said.  "Last year I was in the Olympics and couldn't make it here to support my friends."

In case you're wondering, yes, somewhere on his To Do list is "getting back in shape to compete again."  Say what you will (and, you can imagine, the PETA folks say a lot), but no one can ever accuse him of being lazy.

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