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LI salons and boutiques specializing in big, beautiful brows

Shari St. Hilein-Lambert, of Bare Fruit Sugaring and

Shari St. Hilein-Lambert, of Bare Fruit Sugaring and Brow Studio, takes measurements on Makeda Grange before she has 3-D microblading on her brows. Credit: Yvonne Albinowski

Getting in shape has a different meaning in the eyebrow business — bigger and bolder is better. And while eyebrow services have long been available at nail and hair salons and even at mall kiosks, increasingly there are places that are all about the brows.

Services for customers seeking to regrow and reshape their eyebrows range from basic framing to extensions and tinting.

One of the newest procedures is microblading, though it’s pricey — costing upward of $500.

The semi-permanent brow procedure uses tiny needles to apply individual hair strokes of pigment under the first layer of skin, creating a natural looking, 3-D brow.

Here’s a sampling of local brow spots.

Little Lash Boutique

29 Deer Park Ave., Babylon


“Microblading is the greatest thing that has happened to eyebrows in a long time,” said owner Joann Donnelly. “It may actually be the best thing.”

Existing hairs are not necessary for this procedure, though Donnelly said some clients report new growth. The semi-permanent procedure takes about two hours and costs $800, which includes a follow-up appointment between 30 to 60 days after the initial procedure. Results last up to two years. Yearly touch-ups are recommended to address fading and cost $50 to $300.

A less-expensive option is eyebrow extensions, involving the application of individual hairs directly to the skin with a clear, flexible adhesive. “The adhesive is gentle enough to go on the skin, so the retention time varies,” Donnelly said. Results can last between three days and three weeks ($75 and up).

Other services offered: shaping ($15 to $25); sculpt and tint ($45).

Bare Fruit Sugaring and Brow Studio

320 Post Ave. #103, Westbury


Styling and tinting are among the most sought-after services at Bare Fruit Sugaring. A regular 30-minute styling session ($25) includes a consultation to decide the best shape before the brows are waxed. Results last two to three weeks. Owner Shari St. Hilein-Lambert recommends that clients wait three or even four weeks in between appointments to allow the hair to grow back. “This is why people’s eyebrows get thinner and thinner over time. Because once they see one or two strays, they assume that it’s time to get their eyebrows done,” she said.

Eyebrow tinting ($35) is a color service that does not always involve hair removal and which uses semi-permanent vegetable dye to achieve a certain shape, color or to create the appearance of thickness. Tinting lasts three to four weeks.

Other services offered: microblading ($595); eyebrow extensions ($85).

Flirt Spa & Brow Bar

1693 Northern Blvd., Manhasset


Customers at Flirt Spa & Brow Bar have the option of eyebrow threading ($20) — an alternative to waxing and tweezing — whereby a thin cotton thread is twisted into a double strand and swept along the brow. It is especially good for those with sensitive skin. Depending on the hair type, results can last two to four weeks.

Other services offered: microblading ($650); shaping, which includes waxing/tweezing ($20); tinting ($18)

Bombshell Brows Lash & Brow Bar

2607 Merrick Rd., Bellmore


611 Jericho Tpke., Syosset


Bombshell Brows Lash & Brow Bar’s two locations offer waxing, threading and tinting services. A waxing/threading treatment ($20) can include a wax, tweeze and trim. Tweezing alone is $25. A brow tint is $15. Bombshell Brows also offers a brow scrub ($5), which helps soften the brow area for the removal of stubborn ingrown hairs.

Better brows

In this age of bushy brows, the overplucked search for solutions. Wunderbrow offers semi-permanent brows with a naturally colored gel containing fibers that will fill in sparse spots and cover gray; $22 in four shades at For more brow solutions, see today’s Beauty Spot.

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