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LIer hosts WE TV's new reality series: 'You're Wearing That?!?'

Luciene Salomone of Muttontown is the host of

Luciene Salomone of Muttontown is the host of WE TV's new reality show, "You're Wearing That?!?" (Undated) Credit: Handout

We know, we know, just what you need, another fashion reality series, right?  But on Aug. 19, WE TV premieres, "You’re Wearing That?!?," a funny twist on the makeover concept:  Mothers and daughters who hate each other’s wardrobes and fashion sensibilities.

The host is stylist Luciene Salomone, 42, of Muttontown who was formerly the director of special services at Bergdorf Goodman. She says there’s always a fashion “bone of contention between mothers and daughters,” and views her role on the show as “part referee, part therapist.”

Some of the featured mother-daughter pairs are high(ish) profile:  There’s Christine and Kimberly Locke (an "American Idol" alum), Charlene Tilton and Cherish, and Annie Duke (the world famous poker player) and daughter, Maud. 

And there are regular folk, too.  After a little drama and a lot of tutoring from Salomone – this of the kinder, gentler variety with no hint of say, Stacy London’s sass -- each member of a pair is challenged to shop for the other.

There’s a sweet, lovey undercurrent to the show – moms and their girls --and if you’ve ever had a daughter who considers her bra straps accessories, or a mom who wears Hawaiian print flowered muumuus,  well,  you’ll get the drift.  

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