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Matthew McConaughey: Man of action and few words

Kat DeLuna, Bill Rancic and Matthew McConaughey attend

Kat DeLuna, Bill Rancic and Matthew McConaughey attend the Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection 2011 during Mecerdes-Benz fashion week (Feb. 9, 2011). Credit: Getty

Front-row, but kind of tucked into a corner at Wednesday night's rollicking Red Dress Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, sat Matthew McConaughey, in dressy mode (for him that means not shirtless and carrying a surfboard). He's the quiet type. Why was he there?  "Well, for my lady," he said of Camila Alves, who stunned on the runway in a slinky little KaufmanFranco number.  

His reserve vanished as she walked. The actor left his seat to hold a small video camera almost on the runway to capture every one of his lady's steps. He was beaming and grinning from ear to ear.

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