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Meet the Super Shopper: Jennifer Johnson

With her red cape on, Newsday Super Shopper

With her red cape on, Newsday Super Shopper Jennifer Johnson is ready to take on the Black Friday sales. (Nov. 27, 2013) Credit: Newsday John Paraskevas

Jennifer Johnson

Age: 27

Hometown: Hempstead

How long have you been shopping on Black Friday? I have been Black Friday shopping for approximately 12 to 13 years. However, it has only been about three years since I started to use coupons.

What is your Black Friday mantra? Get in, grab the goods and get out!

Describe your Black Friday 2013 plans. This year is definitely going to be different. I plan to be at the first store (Walgreens) by 7 a.m. Thanksgiving morning. I want to get all of the drug stores out of the way before the REAL adrenaline shopping kicks in! My sister and I will probably head out to Walmart around 1 or 2 p.m. I am hoping that my dad or husband tag along this time since I need a few extra people to hold my place in different lines for different doorbuster electronics. From Walmart, we will head to the mall (Roosevelt Field and Green Acres), then possibly Target. After resting, bathroom breaks and refueling, I will head back out to Toys R Us around 3 a.m. to catch their 5 a.m. doorbuster. If I still have any zeal left I might hit a few more drug stores on the way back.

What is the best Black Friday deal you've ever scored? I honestly do not have a best deal, however I do remember one year that they had 19-inch televisions as a $70 doorbuster. To think years later (I believe about seven) those televisions still work in my parents' room, but are finally being upgraded this year! I told them it's time to get rid of them, even if it's an early Christmas gift.

What is your budget this year? I still do not have a set budget. I find myself tweaking my list, adding things and crossing things off. I will certainly cross the $500 threshold.

Who and what are you shopping for? Always the kids first! We have a new addition to the family, which makes this holiday season that much more special. Also we plan to grab things for Christmas gifts for family members as well as items for Christmas baskets. I have my eyes on the iPad Mini and the RCA tablet for sure.

What is your shopping strategy, and how do you prepare for Black Friday? The only plan is the route. Things become out of stock rather quickly. The best thing to do is suck it up and move on to the next item.

What tips do you have for others trying to score deals on Black Friday? The best tip I can give is to stay calm and have fun. This is the most hectic shopping day of the year and can become extremely stressful EXTREMELY fast. The long lines, crazy customers, stressed employees and the burning of your tired feet are enough to make you want to quit. However if you like a challenge, love great sales and don't mind crowds, this is the day for you. Proceed with caution, Black Friday is NOT for the faint at heart!

What are some common mistakes to avoid on Black Friday? The worst mistake to make on Black Friday is to be TOO nice. Unfortunately hundreds of people are vying for the same products as you and not all of you can get it. Don't allow anyone to cut in front of you or try to talk you out of the line. Be polite, but don't be naive.

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