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Meet the Super Shopper: Lauren Falco

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Lauren Falco

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Credit: Newsday John Paraskevas

Lauren Falco

Age: 29

Hometown: Commack

How long have you been shopping on Black Friday? This will be my tenth year!

What is your Black Friday mantra? Outta my way, so I don't have to pay!

Describe your plans for Black Friday 2013. I will be shopping with one of my best friends. Black Friday starts with whatever store opens earliest. Everything from that point on is about location and agenda of items needed or wanted. It's important to stay on route. Usually we try to cover anywhere between eight and 12 stores in about a 12-hour period. We have our favorite stores like Macy's and Khol's, but a new one usually pops up every year as our shopping lists change. It's a long day so strategy is important!

What is the best deal you've ever scored on Black Friday? Two laptops for $400, a washer/dryer combo set for $500, a large screen TV for $700 and a ruby and diamond heart necklace for $600.

What is your budget this year? I save all year for Black Friday in a Christmas club so my budget really depends on whatever I am shopping for and how much I have saved. For something like clothing and simple gifts, no more than $800. Anything big like electronics and household appliances will need extra budgeting, maybe $1,500-$2,000.

Who and what are you shopping for? I will be shopping for all family, friends and colleagues, maybe some household items, too. I keep an open mind during Black Friday but am always considering worthwhile purchases even if they are not on my shopping list.

What is your shopping strategy, and how do you prepare for Black Friday? Have a friend with you to tag team the crowds (plus it's more fun). Stay hydrated and make sure everything is timed and planned appropriately! All stores and shopping agendas must always be mapped out prior to shopping!

What tips do you have for others trying to score deals on Black Friday? Research the store ads and compare prices. Make sure you arrive early and anticipate waiting on a line prior to the store opening. If you are a rookie Black Friday shopper, prepare for your first year to observe and learn...because us veterans will have you outnumbered.  

What are some common mistakes to avoid on Black Friday? I know it's hard but DON'T overeat on Thanksgiving. And don't go to stores that you are unfamiliar with the layout. If you must try a new store, check it out first so you know the best route to your needed item.

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