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This mobile fitness boutique brings the gym to you

Nick Kane-Crescimanni owns Mobile Body Boutique.

Nick Kane-Crescimanni owns Mobile Body Boutique. Credit: Katherine Nunez

If you just aren’t there yet when it comes to being comfortable heading back to the gym or working out indoors, Nick Kane-Crescimanni can help.

In May, the trainer and fitness instructor started his Mobile Body Boutique — a "transient fitness studio" designed for all fitness levels that brings a full-body outdoor workout to you.

"We redefine what a state-of-the art fitness facility can be," Kane-Crescimanni says.

Kane-Crescimanni says his program incorporates cycle, strength and mobility training that he notes allows for "an elevated experience without the confinement of a brick-and-mortar location."

Kane-Crescimanni brings everything from weights and resistance bands to stationary bikes to homes and offices via a pickup truck and trailer. The workouts can include up to eight people and Kane-Crescimanni hosts classes every Sunday at 380 Bay Ave., in Patchogue in the parking lot of the Patchogue Parks and Recreation center.

"The mobility sets us apart from other fitness facilities based in the area," says Kane-Crescimanni, 29, of Wading River. "We roll out everything" for a good workout, he adds. "I had the idea for a while. During the pandemic, the one thing I was really missing was going to boutique fitness studios."

For those who still don’t trust working out indoors in groups or who want a trainer to help them exercise at home, Mobile Body Boutique is the perfect fit, Kane-Crescimanni says.

"We’re open to all age groups and everything’s outdoors and sanitized," Kane-Crescimanni adds, "and I’m trained to suggest modifications according to your fitness level." Those under the age of 17 need parental consent.

Workouts at the Patchogue location start at $35 per person and private home or office sessions start at $150 an hour;

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