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New Year's Eve glasses

A fashion dilemma for the next decade: What

A fashion dilemma for the next decade: What do this the one on those funky New Year's glasses. Photo Credit: Handout

Apparently there’s been a major fashion dilemma afoot over the last few months. It has to do with those funky glasses revelers wear to greet the New Year in Times Square.

Makers of said glasses obviously had it easy in the ‘00 decade--the design was pretty obvious. Now, with 2010 about to end all that, what to do?

Despite predictions of the year-end symbol’s demise, the Associated Press has declared that this year’s glasses aren’t “half bad.”

Designers have accomodated the dangling one in variety of way: Some  placed the “1” on top of the nose, others just cut a hole out of the middle, while others put the whole year on top of a standard pair of glasses. (Click here to see a slide show of some of the best designs.)

Now, don’t you feel better?

See a gallery of the New Year's 2010 glasses here.


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