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Finger bling: Manicures for New Year’s Eve

Manicurist My Nguyen of Brooklyn applies Swarovski crystals

Manicurist My Nguyen of Brooklyn applies Swarovski crystals over Kathy Cerra's gel polish at Morgan's Nail Spa in Oceanside. Credit: Marisol Diaz

One (or make it 10) ways to glamorously ring in the New Year? Nails.

Not just a basic manicure mind you, but nail art practiced by talented technicians at your neighborhood nail salon along with top nail artists and designers who work Hollywood red carpets and fashion shows.

Whether you wear nails tailored and short or long and pointedly stiletto, the marketplace has something for you: polishes, sparkles, textures, rhinestones, chains and more. What you do with your digits can change an ensemble from fizzle to sizzle and just like other important elements of your look, artfully manicured hands add character and speak volumes.

“I know for a fact that nails express a mood,” says Amos Lavian, the owner of Dermelect, the beauty company based in Hicksville, where anti-aging, peptide-infused nail polish is part of the product line. The variety is vast, says Lavian, and includes “neon, silver, accents, stripes, velvet textures and on-trend plays with the French manicure.”

Over-the-top manicures have become a celebrity staple with Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and the Kardashians leading the way.

“There’s so much excitement about nails these day,” Lavian says, comparing the interest in the category to hair color. It runs “from subtle to edgy,” he says. “Nails are a fashion accessory now, just like the type of earring you choose.”

Gracie J, a well-known nail artist from Brooklyn, strongly recommends going full tilt when it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve.

“You better step outside the box for that night,” she says. Her company, “The Editorial Nail,” is a go-to for magazine photo shoots, commercials and TV shows. Gracie made her mark as the key nail stylist on the set of the TNT series “Claws,” about five Floridian manicurists who get wrapped up in the world of crime. She ardently believes in the flashy nail for New Year’s Eve. “The biggest misconception is people think they have to do a certain look. I’m like, ‘It’s nails. . . . You can always take them off.’ Life is too short to be so worried.”

In total agreement is Deborah Lippman, the celebrity manicurist whose eponymous polish line is a Hollywood gold standard. She says, “I love the holidays because it’s a special time of year when anything goes and self-expression really comes out.”

There’s even more to it, says Kathy Cerra, 24, of Westbury, who is finishing up her master’s degree at Long Island University, works as a waitress part-time and is an avid nail art devotee. “I work r-e-a-l-l-y hard,” she says, “and . . . I feel good about myself if my nails are unique and done. When I look down, I feel like I can tackle the world.”

And that’s a great way to start the New Year, isn’t it?

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