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Nicole Miller's 'coup-ture'

A model walks the runway at the Nicole

A model walks the runway at the Nicole Miller Spring 2014 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Studio at Lincoln Center in New York City. (Sept. 6, 2013) Credit: Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Nicole Miller is staging a style coup, of sorts, with a spring wardrobe fit for the well-dressed rebellista. “Rebels with a Cause,” she calls it — a collection that looks just as good strolling through Versailles…as storming it.

The designer, known for her cheeky prints, mentioned “the gardens of Versailles” and “storming the castle” in her program notes. This was her attempt, it seemed, to add some punch to the standard prettified looks of spring. You know…all those florals, pastels and chiffon. Sweet, lovely, feminine, sure — but sometimes a gal needs a little sizzle to offset all that sugar, or she’ll go into a diabetic coma.

The first dress, for instance, was a standard figure-pleasing patchwork print in front, but let the model pass by and we see a dramatic T-back, a strong statement from behind. Floral prints were mixed atop one another, with net skirts for a bit of modern edge. 

Ah, yes, and then here came some of those crazy-inventive prints of hers — like the double-knit shell and skirt in a “shattered glass” pattern. Or a shell and neoprene skirt with gobs of multi-colored sequins — like shattered stained glass. Or the fab “armor beaded black denim jacket,” looking like a metallic retro cutaway jacket, worn with distressed white jacquard jeans. Shattered glass, ripped denim....  All a glimpse of what might happen to the mirrors and draperies at Versailles if the peasants are not given enough clever fashion choices.

Fair ‘nuff, Nicole — we’ve been warned.

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