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Nigel Barker's hair-raising scandal!

Man, a guy can't get a break in this town, at least not if he's hot fashion photog, "America's Next Top Model" judge and anti-baby seal clubbing environmentalist Nigel Barker, who showed up at Jill Stuart's runway show and was...almost unrecognizable.  The usually shaved-pated Barker has taken a hiatus from the razor and shears, it seems, setting off a firestorm of tweets.

"Trying to watch the @JillStuart show, but I'm distracted by Nigel Barker's hair. What gives?" asked @dearwinnie.  (Forget Egypt--that's a cakewalk compared to this.) 

"Thumbs up or thumbs down?" demanded @kvknowsherfun. (Yeah, let's get down to it.)

"I liked Nigel Barker better with the shaved head," tweeted SuzanneWNYC.  (Okay, well, everybody's entitled to their opinion.) 

"Nigel Barker let his hair grow a bit and now he looks like my dad," noted  (Uh oh--we doubt that's the look you're going for, right Nige'?)

"Good god Nigel ridonkulously hot," added @brooksybradshaw.  (Better.)

Then, from @valhi: "That man would be attractive with Carrot Top hair. He really can do no wrong."  (Dude, you're on a roll!)

"Nigel barker itu keren banget loh asli!!" from @Rampisela.  (Uh...okay, our Indonesian's a little rusty.)

"Ugh, I hate Nigel Barker," tweeted @awesomewizard.  (Sometimes, kiddo, maybe a fella should just stay at home. Though...if it's any consolation, at least you're not Hosni Mubarak.  I mean...his hair is, like, worse than dad's.)

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