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Nooks & Kindles in Roslyn

Brittany Cacossa and Nick Pace are co-owners (with

Brittany Cacossa and Nick Pace are co-owners (with Kendall Berman, not pictured) of Nooks & Kindles in Roslyn, Jan. 23, 2015. Credit: Newsday / Erica Marcus

Nooks & Kindles

1356 Old Northern Blvd., Roslyn, 516-621-8510,

Located in a little corner inside the bustling Roslyn deli called Delicacies is the new Nooks & Kindles, an organic store dispensing freshly prepared juices, smoothies, wheatgrass shots and acai bowls -- made from a chilled puree of acai berries, the South American fruit said to be particularly rich in antioxidants.

The bar consists of little more than two small countertops, a Vitamix blender and a giant, gleaming Nutrifaster juicer. On a recent morning, the space could barely accommodate Nick Pace and Brittany Cacossa, who, along with Kendall Berman, own the three-month-old business. Pace, who spent many years as a bartender, is bullish on taste as well as nutrition. "You can't throw a bunch of ingredients into a saute pan and expect to get a great dish," he said "It's the same with juices and smoothies."

Accordingly, Nooks & Kindles' 15 signature smoothies (20 ounces for $8.99) are conceived to offer great taste as well as nutrition. The Green Dragon starts with your choice of skim milk, almond milk or coconut water blended with banana, dates (for natural sweetness), matcha tea powder, chia seeds and vanilla. Among the juice blends (12 ounces for $7.99), the Big Green Tractor is a harmonious, sweet-tart blend of kale, watermelon, apple and lemon. All ingredients are organic, and you can design your own blends.

(By the way, Nooks & Kindles has nothing to do with e-book readers. The name came about when Pace was introducing his girlfriend, Berman, to a friend in a noisy restaurant. "Kindle?" said the friend to Pace. "And that would make you Nook?" The "&" refers, cryptically, to Cacossa.)

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