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Nutella macarons and more offered by Long Island baker

Scott Krevat, AKA The Bearded Baker, makes macarons

Scott Krevat, AKA The Bearded Baker, makes macarons (filled meringue cookies) in a commerical kitchen in Westbury. Credit: Adam Michaelson

If you had a degree in chemistry from NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering and you loved to bake, you too might have started a macaron company. That's the resume that Scott Krevat brings to his two-year-old company, The Bearded Baker.

A macaron -- not to be confused with its coconut-laden cousin, macaroon -- is a delicate confection whose creamy filling is sandwiched between two meringue cookies made from beaten egg whites, sugar and ground almonds.

Krevat first tasted a macaron from Laudurée on Manhattan's Upper East Side. That pastry shop was the first American outpost of the 150-year-old Parisian patisserie that invented the treat, and its 2011 opening kicked the U.S. macaron craze into high gear. He was hooked from the first bite, and set about learning to make them from YouTube videos.

From the beginning Krevat saw market potential: "Macarons are low commitment, a whole treat in a bite-sized package," he said. "And they're naturally gluten-free." He also appreciated their long shelf life. "They actually are not good the first day," he explained. "As the brittle cookie absorbs moisture from the filling, it's the interaction that makes it perfect."

In 2014, Krevat rented space in a Westbury kitchen and started commercial production. The three flavors (almond, pistachio and Nutella) come six to a box and sell for about $11 at Southdown Marketplace (Huntington and Northport), Christina's Epicure in East Norwich, Locust Valley Market and Birch Hill Market in Locust Valley. He also sells at the Roslyn farmers market (Wednesdays, 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Christopher Morley Park). For more retailers and special orders, go to or call 516-500-7710.

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